Born in Tokyo, raised in the Bay Area, Yusai has always surrounded himself around rich diversity of music. His early curiosity of hip hop culture and the love of urban music eventually led him into the art of djing / turntablism. Soon after college he immersed himself in the local Bay Area party scene, where he was able to organize music events and open up for artists such as: Quantic, Shingo2, Crown City Rockers, Cut Chemist and many others.

As the music trends evolved and started to shift, so did Yusai's taste for his choice of music. After curating successful compilation albums, for independent Japanese labels, it was time to branch out on his own. Today, Yusai plays integral part in the label's business operation. With the help of his friends/crew members, Freddie Joachim and QSTN, they are assuring to keeping the label/brand's integrity honest, transparent and mellow. Although less active now with djing, don't count him out of making guest appearances every now and then.

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