Mellow Orange Music Present "Last Resort" ep. An album inspired by artists staying true to their art form and doing what they do best. This album and its music is last resort in a world that is truly dominated by commercial/radio contemporary music. However it may also be the last resort in an effort to find a place/music that people have been waiting for... 

2 free tracks available for download. Full length of the entire ep will be downloaded when purchasing the album.


released 15 June 2010 
Production credits by: Freddie Joachim, Seoul Avenger, Othello, Deedot and Dibiase. 

Songs performed by: Freddie Joachim, Raashan Ahmad, Vigilant, Othello, Jacewon, Navery, Dibiase, Addullessence, Braille and n/a

Formats: digital // CD digipak

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