Five years after his debut album “My Sound Station” ranked number one on several College Music Journal’s Top 10 lists, Bay Area Turntablist, producer, musician, and composer Teeko, resurfaces to define the realm of futuristic funk. His full-length album, Light Up the Darkness, is set to be released on CD digipak album, in addition to the limited edition 12” vinyl ep, through Mellow Orange on July 1, 2011. 

The album embarks on a revolutionary journey through a soul sonic universe where deep West Coast Funk, steady Hip Hop beats, seductive synth lines and live jazz instrumentation are perfectly orchestrated to created a cosmic balance, truly showcasing Teeko’s encompassing musical capabilities as a soloist, creative force and collaborator. 

“Teeko is one of the most talented musicians within the new wave of Funk today. He’s groundbreaking & his production style is on point.” -Dam-­Funk 

"The most insane & creative turntablist I have ever worked with." - Mark Ronson 

"Teeko is the funkiest, most soulful turntabilist I have ever seen..." - DJ Jazzy Jeff 

Available on:
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Released 20 August 2011
Produced by Teeko
Mixed and Mastered by Mugpush

Formats: digital // CD Digipak

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