"Been doing this A LONG TIME. I started actually playing records when I was about 5 years old, I can remember looking at the back of my moms Brass Construction album and seeing the whole band lined up with all their instruments and wild ass outfits and wondering what the record sounded like... Then I flipped the switch on the record player and watched the needle drop and soon as I heard the horns on the song Movin, it was a wrap!!! Flash forward some years to the early 90's and I mean EARLY!!! I ended up sneaking into and eventually working at one of San Diego's BEST night clubs, the infamous Ole' Madrid and cut my teeth playing records in between bar backing and bussing tables and eventually had my own night there. I was lucky to be surrounded every week by SF / LA / NY 's BEST DJ's from Greyboy, Orlando, Daz & Marques Wyatt and the whole Brass Posse, Julias Papp, Mark Farina & The Mushroom Jazz Crew, Towa Tei, Dmitri & Lady Miss Kier not to mention EVERY Hip Hop Dj from all over the world!!! I was pretty lucky to put it lightly... But any who, a few years after that I help start a little Hip Hop group The Sound Providers and went on to make a string of successful records on the ABB Imprint before we eventually disbanded in early 2002. I set out to make a solo album after that and worked with some of the industry's best at the time including Kev Brown, 9th Wonder, Pete Rock & Grap Luva, Dynamo Productions and Geoff Barrows from Portishead and eventually released a full length album with My cousin under the name The Upstarts.

I've always been into a variety of music other than Hip Hop, Soul and the usual music that is associated with the type of music I made. I enjoy playing different types of genre's because it makes me appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making music and it doesn't pigeon hole me into one " type " of sound and I also don't worry what other people think in terms of what I am playing because I feel like a lot of cats out there are just fronting any way LOL So I decided to go with a groovy dance oriented mix with some classics and some obscure joints sprinkled with the right amount soul and funk. Enjoy." - Profile





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