Everyone that’s seen me play live or have listened to my mixes know how much passion and dedication I put into my craft. I enjoy music like everyone else, but what I really love the most about it is the curation process. It begins with hours upon hours of digging which I mainly do digitally and comprises of staying on top of weekly podcasts, attending live events to hear what other deejays are playing, or hitting the music blogs/sites to get a feel for what other music heads are buzzing about. I call this phenomenon OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Digging), and I make it a rule to never listen to the same thing twice unless the track warrants repeated play. Once I’ve accumulated enough material, I’ll brainstorm concepts for a mix and gather several tracks that I think could work. I typically start with 40 or so tracks and narrow it down to 10-15 via process of elimination. Once I’ve compiled my final tracklist, I’ll treat each track like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and determine which one transitions best with the other. I’ll also pay close to attention to pacing, as I want to tell a story that keeps listeners interested and engaged.

When I developed this mix for Mellow Orange I wanted to focus on the dancefloor, but more so with dance music that’s sensual, sophisticated, and cleverly produced. As you listen to it, you’ll notice that I’ve incorporated elements of deep house, soul, world music, and jazz; genres that mesh quite well together. One of the most fundamental beliefs I have about being a deejay/selector is that we have the ability to connect the dots between different genres and that we’re empowered to communicate this idea to our listeners. I have tremendous admiration for visionaries like Alex Barck, Rainer Trueby, Theo Parrish (whose thoughts on the art of selection are featured on Kid Fonque’s 2sides), and of course the unmistakable Gilles Peterson. Each selector has the gift of showing us how these dots interconnect and are considered legendary tastemakers; a title I continue to aspire to be. ~Nerstylist



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