Having spent part of my childhood in São Paulo, Brazilian music brings nostalgic memories of the past. I remember the bossanova band at the corner restaurant we used to frequent on the weekends, and the old folks playing the 'pandeiro' (Brazilian tambourine) in the main city plaza. Music was just another aspect of everyday life, the same way naps and soccer practice was. It wasn't until much later that I started to take real notice of Brazilian music, and odd enough, through discovering hiphop. I was fortunate enough to experience the tail end of 'golden age hiphop' in my high school days when artists like Pharcyde, ATCQ and De La Soul sampled dusty jazz records. Ofcourse I didn't know what sampling was at the time but I did find out that Bossanova was conceived between Jazz and Samba. It was like all the dots connected in my head, I re-encountered the 'saudade' of Bossanova within those beats, and how much I yearned for that melancholic but cool vibe! When I moved to the States for college I started to dig for Jazz, hiphop and Brazilian records like crazy, as if searching for a deeper connection within me. I still holds those records as my treasure.

I've always wanted to make a Brazilian hiphop mix but never got around to it, partially because I find it hard to keep it ALL Brazilian style. So I want to thank Yusai and the MO famalam for the great opportunity to make this happen, it's been a long time coming. In making the mix, I feel I did a fair job in capturing the hiphop and Brazilian vibe equally as strong. I wish I included more Brazilian artists but there are just way too many dope tunes to squeeze in just under a hour. I guess I'll leave it to the next assignment. As the World Cup is approaching here in Brazil, I hope this mix finds a way in your summer party selection. Um abraço - Kentachis

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