“I’ve always been addicted to music… but my obsession started a few years, when me and a couple of my friends started a podcast. The aim was to introduce people to the music that we were listening to, and not that radio nonsense. I was listening to a lot of deep house music at the time and started listening to a lot of nu-jazz, the rest was history. That time really shaped my taste for music and I became even more aware of the stuff that I had been listening to, that I never understood. Never really got the Dilla obsession until “Dilla changed my life” hahaha.

Fast-forward to this moment… Funny enough, I make a lot of mixes for myself, my mixes are more like my playlist in a couple of mixes. I used to travel a lot when I was back in joburg and I’d be listening to my mixes (I know that sounds a lil vain but its true).  I often say that if I wasn’t a designer and photographer, I’d be a musician/producer. There is something about hearing a track that you’ve never heard before and it just moves you. That feeling has lead me to digging for all these dope unknown musicians and producers and I always find some of the dopest joints on soundcloud.

Never thought that i would be a dj but now that I’m getting into this, I’m really enjoying being the driver (trying to take you there, musically, in my way) and trying to introduce people to that stuff that i discover everyday.

Shout out to Mellow Orange for choosing me to be a part of this mix series. I have mad respect for the music that you are putting out and it’s really an honour. ”  - Mr. Moeh 24 (Cape Town)


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