Born and raised in Southern California to an international family, Dopa loves traveling and bringing his unique sounds to other cities, and at the same time being inspired by them. Having performed and toured in places like Brazil, London, Montréal, Hawaii, New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, and Texas, he draws upon a wide array of musical influences from all corners of the globe, mixing together the best in beat-driven music. Low End Theory and Afro Funké are two standout LA club nights at which DJ El Dopa has had the honor of guest DJing. These days he's focused on bringing his musical flavor to weddings and private parties.

Dopa dabbles in music, mixtape & video production with longtime MC partner Cha'san under the moniker Millionaires Using Coupons. He's also produced, managed, & licensed music projects on a national scale for brands such as Lexus, Scion and Casio.

El Dopa is an avid researcher and advocate for the therapeutic use of music as medicine and in healing, recovery, teaching, and overall well-being. 

Often times when I record a live set, such as this, it’s only when I listen back to it that I pick up on a theme or certain feeling(s) I’m expressing. It might be the first time I listen to it, or it might be the 10th. At the right moment, the mix acts like a window into my soul, bringing awareness to that which may have been running through my mind subconsciously.

I don’t want to get too deep, but let’s face it, there’s clearly a personal and spiritual side to music. And music as a shared experience becomes even more powerful. Hopefully you find something in this mix that speaks to your soul, funks you up or makes your body move, or all 3. Much gratitude to all the artists featured on this mix, and to Mellow Orange.


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