What up Silent Selector listeners. Special thanks to the Mellow Orange family for hosting this series for us to vibe out to.

I go by the name of Shea Butter aka:(Shea Butts, Butter, Swaggy Jesus and or the Wise Elephant). I live with a Bay Area state of mind and represent the BVMO crew from San Jose, California.  DJ'ing is my occupation. 

I began DJing by purchasing records and freezing my ass off in my garage, attempting to teach myself how to mix on vinyl. As my record collection grew larger, so did my hunger to make my way in the world as a DJ. By luck, or law of attraction, I have met many influential people that have sparked the last 5 years for me. I’m constantly surrounded by DJs who continue to elevate my skill set. I am always keeping my ears open to unheard music. To be honest I don’t find the music. It somehow finds me. New or un-discovered talent, it doesn’t matter, I thrive off it all. 

I love and appreciate all types of music. The diversity of my residencies keeps me busy. From Soul and Funk vibrations at "Motown on Mondays SJ”, to future forward cuts at “The Changing Same”, or ElectroRapTrapKrunk for my classy ratchets at “ALL IN” one thing is a must, keep the people moving and all other DJs guessing.  

This mix is an audio description of one of mysignificant destinations. Navigating through a highway I've been driving on for as long as I can remember. A trip to a monthly I spin at in the Red Room in Santa Cruz. My ride from San Jose to Santa Cruz (about a 30-45 min drive depending on traffic) offers a comforting vibe, which is what I wanted to express during this mix. It's a feeling I’m very familiar with, so it's interesting to compile a mix to pair up with this expedition. The blends signify leaving one city and going to another.  The mix is windy (like Highway 17) and takes turns (like many turns on 17) but it also allows time to reflect with instrumental tracks layered throughout the mix. Setting aside time for the scenery to take center stage. Put one in the air and drive safely! Enjoy.


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