Ritchie Ramirez (Soulshifters, Open House Los Angeles)


I’ve been into house for a some time now. I mostly got into it during the time I used to attend massive music festivals. There was something about its tempo and groove that I couldn’t help but dance all night to. During the time I first started listening to house (which was during high school), I was all about that funky groove soulful hits, kind of like the stuff Mark Farina, Miguel Migs, and Derrick Carter used to play. Now and days, my taste in house is a lot different. I vibe a lot with that deep jazzy sound and tech grooves. To be honest, a lot of my influences these days comes from the house dance scene. For the past 6 years, house dancing has been a big part of my life. I’ve been fortunate enough to compete around the world in places like London and Paris. During this time, I got to understand the music more and what type of sounds I vibe to most. You can sort of say that the house tracks I like is reflected in what my dance style is like. For this Silent Selector Mellow Orange mix, I am sharing with you some tracks I enjoy dancing to. I hope you enjoy it too. Get yo ass up and shake it!

Thank you Mellow Orange for allowing me to share my sounds with you and everyone. My love and respect to mah Open House, and SoulShifter fams! Peace, Love, and House! 


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