Growing up I knew I didn't want to know anything but music. Fell in love with jazz at the age of 13, front seat of my father's car on our drives to school. Spent earlier years collecting 90's r&b albums. Tried to love everything as much as I loved music as I got older, but about two years ago I realized music was the only thing I ever felt safe committing and connecting to/with. Psych and English degree's and there I went, dropped what was expected from "life" and moved to Brooklyn to follow my dreams. Never been this happy in my life. 

I've put out mixes for different websites and they're all usually more equipped with up 808's and experimental sounds but for this one, I wanted to make sure I kept it real with myself/soul. I wanted this mix to represent my roots, the jazz and drums that taught me what love was and made me who I am. I'm a DJ/producer who was raised in Miami, a city well known for it's drum & bass scene, still knowing I always felt more inspired by artist like Billie Holiday or J Dilla. With this mix, I wanted to make sure I kept your heads nodding but your hearts real warm for 40+ minutes. From Miami to Brooklyn, now a resident of Atlanta. Just press play and vibe with me. Love to Mellow Orange for this opportunity. Stay vibrant as always all. Peace. 

- ChristinΞ


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