QSTN (pronounced “QUESTION”) is a Southern California beatmaker & DJ. His sound is a mixture of obscure funk, soul and jazz samples, heavy beats, and live orchestration. QSTN’s production style can be attributed to his jazzy hip hop roots and his deep vinyl collection. 

QSTN released his first independent project STUDY GUIDE along with fellow producer Freddie Joachim back in 2009 followed by a limited edition vinyl release in Germany. His music has been featured on the Chillhop Music label, and Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz series to name a few. QSTN has since garnered the attention of global music sites like OkayPlayer, Giant Step Records, and Noisey by Vice. 

QSTN is also a part of Philadelphia based collective Hot Peas & Butta founded by Skeme Richards of the world-famous Rock Steady Crew and continues to release exclusive tracks & mixes under Mellow Orange Label.

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