Ozay Moore

Originally known as Othello and 1/3rd of the Super Group Lightheaded, Ozay Moore has shifted Gears to better accommodate the roles he has assumed on his life journey. Recording Artist, Emcee, Educator, Producer, Husband, Father… All Titles Worn Proudly by the man who is reintroducing himself to his fans as a potent articulation of these titles and then some. Whereas Those who are familiar with the flavor he has contributed to Hip Hop for over a decade, one may say this reinvention plays to his strengths as an artist. “To Straddle the Present”… Firmly rooted in the foundation of the culture while stepping confidently into the future all the while  remaining  current… this is the direction of Ozay Moore. Electronic,Human, Soulful, and Strong better defines the sound of the projects he has underway. Working with producers such as Tall Black Guy, 14kt, Xperiment, Hir-O, Ohmega Watts and many others, all stops have been pulled.  After 15 years of releasing records, Ozay still finds plenty to talk about as he remains honest to himself and his fans.

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