Sleepless - Ponder

Sleepless is a 23 year old producer from London (UK) with a love for sample based music, jazz, soul and everything in-between. Since the release of his first beat tape ‘Thougthful Morning’ Sleepless has been featured on numerous compilations and projects.

His new album 'Progression' is Sleepless's first full lenght LP. Nice variety of sample loops will have you head nodding throughout the entire album. The album is now available for streaming and download. Keep your eye on this young producer for many years to come!!

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Senpu - Starship

Senpu (Laruche Records) is a 22 years young Parisian beatmaker. He started learning music in his early years, his parents enrolled him at the conservatory where he could learn to play guitar, violin and piano.

At the age of 17 he felt the need to create his own music for his songs.
After performing live on stage a few times he decided to focus more on making instrumentals using his families vinyl records as influences which range from Michael Jackson, Duke Ellington, Bob Marley to Stevie wonder, Luther Vandross or more modern producers like Evil Needle who remains one of his favorite beatmakers.

Senpu also just releases his 3rd project called "Natural EP (Laruche Recrods)" which as its title indicates it, proposes us to stopover at his home, in the heart of nature. Senpu allows us to discover his music and his universe brilliantly. Please support his latest project.


Mellow Orange Vinyl Podcast Vol. 9

QSTN & Freddie Joachim - Mellow Orange Vinyl Podcast Vol.9 from QSTN on Vimeo.

Special thanks to everyone for your continued support and watching the series. Keep vinyl alive and support your local record shops!

Diggs Duke And Probcause - Underestimated
Five Deez - Plazma Avenue
Dj Krush Feat. Free The Robots - Strange Light
Brenk Sinatra & Miles Bonny - Rain Don’t Stop Me Now
Ohmega Watts Feat. Catalina Bellizzi - Out Of The Ordinary
J-Zen - Shine Feat. Med
Freddie Joachim - Call Out My Name
I.L.L. Will & Playground Music - Lil’ Sexy
Magic In Threes - Beatin’ Tha Breaks (Freddie Joachim Remix)
Magic In Threes - Magic Mark In Tha Summer
Joey Bada$$ - On & On Feat. Maverick Sabre & Dyemond Lewis
A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again
Freddie Joachim - Ride

Dave Grusin - Colorado Trail
J Dilla - Dreamy
Foreign Exchange - Raw Life
EXT - Memory
Slum Village - Things U Do
Reuben Wilson - Hot Rod
Motherlode - When I Die
J Dilla - Donuts
Keno Duke - Some Other Time
The LA Four - Berimbau Carioca
J Dilla - Unreleased
Bill Evans Trio - Nardis
Madvillain - Raid
Osmar Milito - America Latina
Common - Funky For You
Blu & Exile - Maybe One Day
Ronnie Foster - Mystic Brew
JB’s - Blessed Blackness


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Ohmega Watts - Labor of Love VII

This is the 7th installment in my mix series as the title implies and is a "Labor of Love" featuring selections from both my vinyl collection and newer remixes and digital only tracks. Given that LOVE in all of it's forms isn't reserved for only 'ONE DAY' but ALL-WAYS! These mixes focus in on songs pertaining to love, but spans the gamut of Love. Love for God, people, a significant other, the love for dance, as well as the heartache of love lost and getting over it. I began this series for the LOVE of music and the love of sharing that music, both old, new and the unheard.

Music compilation and artwork by: Ohmega Watts

Kwesi - This, Always

New beautiful jazz piece by our guy Kwesi. 

I am a designer living in New York and I have been in love with Jazz for as long as I can remember. When I began making music, thought I loved the 808’s and electronic synths, I always wanted a little more fulfillment. Through a combination of a very tough year and frustration, I eventually stopped making music completely; until I found myself in a park one day listening to Jazz musicians.

For the first time in a while, I fell in love with the freedom of music. Making what the heart wanted to hear and feel rather than what I believe fit the mainstream Soundcloud persona. As a result, I deleted most of my synths and made a deal with myself to stay true to what I deemed fit for my emotional story.

“This, Always” is a tribute to music and love. It is a promise that I will do my best to continue tugging onto my heart stings to feel what needs to be felt rather than holding back; to let the heart lead me on unexpected journeys of memorable passion and beyond.

I hope you will follow my journey of discovery, and hope you will be inspired just as I was in that park.

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