Dr. Dundiff - In Love Everyday (Now Available)

This album differs from my usual sample based, off kilter, beat scene/hip hop. "In Love Everyday" is my take on future edm/ electronic experimental music. I believe this is my most promising work as well as my most expressive. The concept behind this album revolves around the idea that everyday, I(we) fall in love. Wether it be with a person, place, feeling, memory, moment, sense, etc. I have recently come to terms with this kind of passion and embraced it instead of my usual thinking that i fall in love to easy. The emotions on this record very are all over the place but that is what makes this project so beautiful. It is intense, in your face, bi polar, yet you can relate to every note of it. I hope you all enjoy this song and keep your eyes open for the full length details. much love. - Dundiff


released September 26, 2016

Released by Mellow Orange Music
Mastered by Freddie Joachim
Artwork by Thomas Johns
Dedicated to Megan Tierney

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