Kwesi - This, Always

New beautiful jazz piece by our guy Kwesi. 

I am a designer living in New York and I have been in love with Jazz for as long as I can remember. When I began making music, thought I loved the 808’s and electronic synths, I always wanted a little more fulfillment. Through a combination of a very tough year and frustration, I eventually stopped making music completely; until I found myself in a park one day listening to Jazz musicians.

For the first time in a while, I fell in love with the freedom of music. Making what the heart wanted to hear and feel rather than what I believe fit the mainstream Soundcloud persona. As a result, I deleted most of my synths and made a deal with myself to stay true to what I deemed fit for my emotional story.

“This, Always” is a tribute to music and love. It is a promise that I will do my best to continue tugging onto my heart stings to feel what needs to be felt rather than holding back; to let the heart lead me on unexpected journeys of memorable passion and beyond.

I hope you will follow my journey of discovery, and hope you will be inspired just as I was in that park.

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