TIRO LIVRE by Mental Abstrato feat. Shing02 & Tássia Reis

In the spirit of the World Cup, here's some new music from our Brazil family.

"Just like Elis Regina once said, "A perfection is the shit defended by the goalkeeper of the national team" ... Unfortunately since we don't have it all granted like they do, we worked hard by doing our part in representing Brazil with dignity through our music. Hope you enjoy it the same way we did making it. Peace" - Mental Abstrato @São Paulo

Track produced by @Mental-Abstrato
Co-produced by Kentachis 
Lyric / vocal by @Shing02
Backing vocals by @t-ssia-reis Tássia Reis 
Bass by Guimas Santos 
Percussion by Omig One 
Mixing, editing and programming by Calmão 
Vocals recorded by DJ $HIN
Mastering by Shing02
Artwork by Kentachis

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