Ohmega Watts - A Mix For Anyango

We had a chance to catch up with our brother Ohmega during RedBull Base Camp few weeks ago.  During his visit he told us about a birthday mix he'd made for a little girl name Anyango (4yrs old).  We were intrigued by the story... well, we'll let Ohmega tell you the story himself.

"I was asked to DJ Anyango's birthday party who was turning 4 by her aunt and mom requesting my musical taste/selections and atmosphere setting moods. Sparing any other details, it was a sunday afternoon party, and I had a full day, so bringing my equipment to just spin for a little while would've been taxing... so I did the next best thing, and created a semi-live mix, and did few final edits and additions to compile some of my favorite tunes of 2013 and just favorites that I thought would fit the collection of tracks. 

So here you have it, "A Mix for Anyango". She's actually a little superstar out of Seattle, peep her instagram: http://instagram.com/gogoanyango".  --Ohmega Watts


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