Silent Selector Vol.1 Yukibeb

Silent Selector is a Mellow Orange mix series compiled by music enthusiast, who may or may not be relatively known. We hope to put a spotlight on our featured selector, just as much as we do with our music projects. Get acquainted with these selectors by getting in-depth with their stories, inspirations and influences.

Silent Selector Vol.1 - Yukibeb


“I decided to go back to my roots with this particular mix. I selected 90s jams which I used to listen to a lot in high school as well as some beats I discovered from Soundcloud digging. From classic joints by Slum Village, Pete Rock, Cella Dwealls and Edo G to Mr. Dibia$e, Fitz Ambro$e, Freddie Joachim, Moods and 14KT who are currently reppin’ the underground beat scene. Although I’ve always been a music consumer from day one, I’ve discovered that it was my true passion at around 2011. I was constantly digging for instrumental music and also started making mixes for fun. Since I didn’t have the patience to watch tutorials on Youtube, I trusted my instinct and let my ears guide me to blend my favorite tracks. To this day, I’m not even sure if I’m mixing the ‘right’ way. However, I believe there’s no right or wrong with music, I see it as a way to express ourselves freely with no set rules. Each of us have different perceptions due to the experiences we’ve encountered in life, which get expressed through our creations.


Whether it’s a track or mix, I love feeling the emotion and energy it conveys. Music has really changed my life, connected me with similar souls and also helped me discover my true self. I’m grateful for virtual communities like Soundcloud and Twitter, which are my main sources for my music and connections. Of course real life communication and relationships are important but I’ve also been able to connect with such amazing people online, which led to real life friends. I want to give a special thanks to the Mellow Orange fam for letting me do this mix for their new ‘selector’ series, as well as the constant love and support they continue to give me. I Hope to see you guys again soon in the near future; Tokyo awaits you! Much love & thank you for listening.” – Yukibeb

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