Rizky Argadipraja, also known as Greybox, is a New York-based producer, born and raised in Indonesia. Having started out really young in music, he has long been a multiverse instrumentalist with a full-blown passion. 

His soul-seeking journey started in 2011, when his cousin first introduced him to hip-hop in depth. With influences from Calvin Keys, DJ Krush, Theo Parrish, Jazz Liberatorz and J Dilla, Greybox has become infused with love for hip-hop, jazz and house. Grey as a neutral color that comes from a mixture of many colors combined into one, being open minded towards any type of sounds. Covered by a box that will keep the groove stable.

 Greybox released his first compilation in a form of volumes "Crusted Swing" in 2014. His works have been noticed by many independent music blogs and catalogs for their minimal jazz tones and hip-hop layering. In 2015, he released his debut EP “Elevate’. A mixture of deep soulful house patterns combined with a hip-hop nuances.

Be on the look out for Greybox's project. Big things is ahead


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