This is Freddie Joachim's third full-length album. Midway displays incredible sound production and growth by the So-Cal prodigy, fusing jazz with the NEW sound in hip hop. Old fans can also expect to hear Freddie's signature boom bap jazzy hip hop vibe that music fans has familiarized over the past few years. Get ready as Freddie/Midway will take you on a smooth musical journey. 

Freddie's Note: 
Midway is a collection of instrumentals that i have been working on for the past year and half (or so). Because a lot of music styles inspire me, i just wanted to present my range as a hip hop/soul producer, not just with this album, but also me as a producer in general. I’ll continue to release free music and mixes, so please support by purchasing this album, and future albums when they become available.

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Released 16 July 2010 
Mixed/Mastered by Freddie Joachim 
Art Design: Unknown Document
Executive Produced by Freddie Joachim & Yusai Goda 

Formats: digital // 2xCD digipak // 12 inch 2xLP

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