Alice Koswara is a graphic designer and contemporary artist living in San Francisco. We met Alice during a local sketching event in San Francisco. She is an illustrator but her recent series of female portraits / abstract art done in watercolor and ink has created some excitement in the local art scene.

During the night of the event, we spent gazing at her workflow, watercoloring and putting the final touches on her beautiful portraits. The fine details, the beauty and the warm color that she used on her paintings had somehow captivated our full attention but something was missing, the music.

We approached Alice that same night and asked if we could pair up one of her artwork with our music. She generously agreed and few weeks later she sent us the piece above. We then decided to pair the artwork with a track 'After She' by our friend Ka-Yu (DTW/AIM) from the Netherlands. Needless to say that the artwork and the music goes hand in hand. The beautiful melody chosen for this piece can be enjoyed below or on our Soundcloud page.

We'd like to thank Alice and Ka-Yu on this collaboration. We hope to keep the Art Project series going to feature more artists going forward. Peace.

Learn more about Alice and Ka-Yu.

Alice Koswara
Instagram: @alicekoz

Soundcloud: @beatsbykayu
Instagram: @beatsbykayu

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