Official releases under Mellow Orange are available for purchase & stream on all digital outlets. Some releases are also available n CD's and vinyl in limited quantities.


Ghostnaut & Dualib - Sideways

First collaboration project from Canadian producer duo Ghostnaut and Dualib. The album is rich with global vocalists featuring the likes of Coin Banks, Elodie Rama, Mr. J. Medeiros, Rashaan Ahmaad, Flofilz and many more. The EP will be released in June 2017.

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Natalie Oliveri - Treasure (Remix) - Single

We teamed up with the talented singer/songwriter on this remix project featuring Freddie Joachim. The original version of this song and other album can be heard on all digital platform.

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Freddie Joachim - Trouvaille

Trouvaille is Freddie Joachim's fifth full length album. This album is a follow up to his critically claimed "Midway" and "Fiberglass Kisses" album. Available only for stream on select digital stores and on vinyl for record enthusiasts. 

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Aso - Love Journey

"Love Journey" is a beautifully crafted instrumental album by the youngest member of Mellow Orange, Aso. Aso interprets the 'message of love' through his music, from his soul to yours, and blending it all together in one in hope for unison. Very spiritual and calming collection of sound you shall find in this album.

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Ozay Moore - Taking L's

We all know what its like to be on the receiving end of "Bad". The Point "Taking L's" is attempting to make is that "L's can be flipped into W's". It's a perspective thing for sure. As a "Big Picture" seeker, Ozay connects events from his own experience (and others) and puts perspective on how an "L" taken from his past has benefited him today.

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QSTN - Interludes & Interpretations

Just some dusty joints from QSTN's MPC for your listening pleasure.

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Ohmega Watts - Pieces Of A Dream

Ohmega Watts is no stranger to the Hip Hop community. With almost 8 years since the release of "Watts Happening", Ohmega release "Pieces of a Dream". Even after a long hiatus, he doesn’t miss a beat, satisfying music enthusiasts with a electrifying album.

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QSTN - Re-Deux

Southern Cali-based producer QSTN is no stranger to heavy sampling. However on Re-Deux he reworks some familiar tunes to create something new, hence the name Re-Deux. This ten-track project is sure to get a lot of burn from folks who love jazzy hip-hop as much as we do.

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Freddie Joachim - Fiberglass Kisses

Fiberglass Kisses is the fourth full-length album produced by Southern California producer, Freddie Joachim. The album's sound is a collection of Hip Hop, Soul, and Electronic music, with the overall theme, "Love." It features talented artists, Carlitta Durand, Miles Bonny, Mar, L. Santiago, and J. Mitchell, with a remix by U.K. producer, Eric Lau.

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QSTN - Standard Translation

Standard Translation is the first solo project by Southern California beatsmith, QSTN. Initially this album was exclusively released in Japan and has been back ordered at music retail stores for months. For the first time in 7 years, after its release, 'Standard Translation' will be available worldwide via digital stream/stores.

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Freddie Joachim - Midway

Freddie Joachim's third full-length album, Midway. The album displays incredible sound production and growth by the So-Cal prodigy, fusing jazz with the NEW sound in hip hop. Old fans can also expect to hear Freddie's signature boom bap jazzy hip hop vibe that music fans has familiarized over the past few years. Get ready as Freddie/Midway will take you on a smooth musical journey.

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